“Obstacles are just those fright­ful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals.”

—Henry Ford

Helping Children’s Writers Get Published

Published or unpub­lished, if you write for children, you are in the right place. My years as an execu­tive editor at Scholastic taught me that every­one needs something in this process. Authors who write for children need the abili­ty to connect with their target audience so they can write for them, not down to them.

Picture books, chapter books, middle-grade and young adult novels, fiction or nonfic­tion, are all differ­ent and so are their readers.

Writers also need to increase their business knowl­edge of publish­ing for children so they can recog­nize oppor­tu­ni­ty and are less frustrat­ed by the wait.

Editors who buy and agents who repre­sent books for children need well-written manuscripts they love, stories they believe children will love, and hopeful­ly, that love will trans­late into sales.

And publish­ers and their teams need a success­ful product they can embrace and expand upon to create syner­gy across markets — build­ing revenue.

Everyone counts and every­one can win. So let’s make a good first impres­sion. Inside you’ll find infor­ma­tion on critiques, books, articles, and links to publish­ers plus much more. So click above to get start­ed and I look forward to reading and critiquing your work, and getting you to the next step in your writing career!



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