Melissa Leonard, Picture Book Author, NY

“WOW! We heard about Eileen’s amazing reputa­tion while working on what will be the first of a series of children’s books. Her abili­ty to take words and bring them to life is truly a gift. Because of Eileen’s diligent & insight­ful editing, we now have two world-renowned agencies inter­est­ed in our project. I would recom­mend that anyone looking to publish a book work with Eileen…she not only knows the in’s and out’s of this indus­try, but she is extreme­ly person­able, friend­ly and wonder­ful to work with. She not only edits, but she goes WAY beyond and helps writers breathe life into their story. Without a doubt, I am truly honored to have had a chance to work with Eileen and can’t thank her enough for her time and assistance.”

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