Mary Schulte, Newspaper Photo Editor and Book Reviewer, Kansas City Star, and Children’s Book Author

“Eileen Robinson knows how to bring out the best in a writer, and how to get rid of the worst — through her superb editing skills. My first published book was devel­oped from a 15-minute writing exercise at one of her workshops. My series of six books on animal classi­fi­ca­tion for Children’s Press came to life because she took a chance on me, an inexpe­ri­enced but enthu­si­as­tic writer. She took my words and made them work.

When I was select­ed for a mentor­ship with Eileen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A critique or two, a pat on the back, and a bit of encour­age­ment seemed reason­able. Instead, I was pushed and prodded, coaxed and coached into writing the begin­ning, ending, and most of the middle of my first novel. It was thrilling to watch my charac­ter and story line devel­op through her exercis­es and feedback.

I would recom­mend Eileen as an editor, mentor, teacher, critic or coach because whatev­er her role, she will go above and beyond what’s expect­ed. And in the process, she will help the writer stretch above and beyond his or her own expec­ta­tions to reach new heights.

Because of Eileen’s exper­tise and encour­age­ment, I have published nine books. And when book number 10 is finished, I know where I will send it for editing. Eileen is tough, but thorough, and I am a better writer because of her guidance.”

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