Thank you for submit­ting your manuscript.  If you do not see your critique type avail­able for payment it means it is a custom critique and I will be contact­ing you or feel free to please contact me at


First 5 Pages $75 (MG, YA or Chapter Book Only)


Chapter Book   $350


My Concept or Idea $100


Middle Grade Novel Just-a-Read Only (225 pages or less) $535


Picture Book Just-a-Read Only $165


Young Adult Just-a-Read Only (300 pages or less) $700


Chapter Book Just A Read Only $270


Picture Book Full Critique — $210

Thanks for your interest in F1rst Pages.
Acceptance of new submissions is currently on hiatus while we attend to our backlog of existing submissions.

Please refer to Kid (& YA) Book Revisions until further notice.