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dumpsterdiver Hoot

Natashia Saunders, Picture Book Author, CA

"When I first came to Eileen as a new writer, I didn't know what to expect. I thought a professional review would be helpful but I never expected the total transformation that resulted – my story went from a cute story to a colorful, expressive, visually appealing piece where I could hear, smell, see, and feel. I could now relate to my character as if everything were happening before my eyes.

The best way to describe what happened to my piece is to explain that "the before" was like looking at a picture of an event; somewhere in the middle, it was like watching a video and the final stages were like being a part of the action, in the front row, and pulling up a seat with the main character. Eileen's advice, expertise, limitless examples and direction s helped me bring to life what I saw in my minds eye but hadn't completely expressed.

Even though I had to learn how not to be offended by or afraid of the red, now, I welcome and look forward to her advice."

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