"Obstacles are just those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals." – Henry Ford

Helping Children’s Writers Get Published

Published or unpublished, if you write for children, you are in the right place. My years as an executive editor at Scholastic taught me that everyone needs something in this process. Authors who write for children need the ability to connect with their target audience so they can write for them, not down to them.

Picture books, chapter books, middle-grade and young adult novels, fiction or nonfiction, are all different and so are their readers.

Writers also need to increase their business knowledge of publishing for children so they can recognize opportunity and are less frustrated by the wait.

Editors who buy and agents who represent books for children need well-written manuscripts they love, stories they believe children will love, and hopefully, that love will translate into sales.

And publishers and their teams need a successful product they can embrace and expand upon to create synergy across markets – building revenue.

Everyone counts and everyone can win. So let’s make a good first impression. Inside you'll find information on critiques, books, articles, and links to publishers plus much more. So click above to get started and I look forward to reading and critiquing your work, and getting you to the next step in your writing career!



Eileen Robinson