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From Emily O'Connor, Aspiring Children's BookAuthor-South Dakota I submitted my first manuscript to Eileen Robinson. I am a new writer overwhelmed by the process required to be published. The critique was the most benefical step I could have ever taken at this point in my publishing journey. Eileen was very thorough, nuturing, and positive. Read Testimonial

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What is more beautiful than the marriage of text and illustration? Whether the author is also the illustrator or two individual talents bring their creativity to the story, when both work together the result can be a picture book that both parents and children can enjoy.

And just about every writer who aspires to author a children’s book wants to write a picture book. But is the execution as easy as it looks? Your dream may be to put a book like this in the hands of your children or grandchildren but do you have the right voice to talk to this target audience? Or, is your style, ideas or content, and voice more suited for middle grade or young adult?

If you can do it, I think it can be one of the most fun and enjoyable writing experiences. But it is also one of the most difficult. You have less space and number of words to tell your story and your readers have a limited attention span. To add to that, the story has to engage the reader quickly and making them work a little but leaving them satisfied at the end – yet able to talk about and see beyond the confines of the story. And you have to accomplish all this without talking down to them.

So let’s see what you got!

There are 3 kinds of services for your manuscript – a Full Critique, Just-a-Read, or The Concept.  Click on Critiques to find out more.

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Please submit your picture book by email via the submission form.

You will get a written critique and a phone call from me. We will schedule a brief phone call once the critique is received to discuss comments and any questions you have about marketing or publishing. You can enter best times to be reached on the submission form and we’ll come up with a time best for both of us. In addition, if you have any specific concerns about your manuscript (your concept or execution of that concept), feel free to include in the comments section.

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