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dumpsterdiver Hoot

From LaVora Perry, Children's Book Author I sold my first novel to a publisher that had global reach but had never published a youth novel. Previously, I'd been introduced to Eileen Robinson by children's author Christine Taylor-Butler. From the start, Eileen impressed me. Read Testimonial

Submit Your First Chapters

Did someone tell you that writing a children’s book was easy? Well, by now I’m sure you’ve discovered it is challenging. And despite this, you won’t give up, your novel or chapter book is growing. You’ve just finished your first draft or maybe you have gone through many drafts. Maybe you are still struggling. But you are ready for some feedback on the first few chapters and want a professional opinion.

You wonder if you’ve engaged the reader or if there is too much back-story. You wonder if you are showing versus telling. You wonder if you’ve struck the right balance between narrative and dialogue. Are your characters likeable? Will readers care? Have you paced the first few chapters well enough so that the right amount of tension and suspense keep readers turning the page? Is the focus clear? Is your story building the way you would like?

Your first few chapters set the stage for the rest of the story and can determine whether readers keep reading.

This option allows you to submit one or several chapters of your manuscript along with a synopsis.

There are 3 kinds of services for your manuscript – a Full Critique, Just-a-Read, or The Concept.  Click on Critiques to find out more.

Get Started

You can submit, by email:

1 – 6 chapters (Fees vary by number of chapters)

You will get a written critique and a phone call from me. We will schedule a brief phone call once the critique is received to discuss comments and any questions you have about marketing or publishing. You can enter best times to be reached on the submission form and we’ll come up with a time best for both of us. In addition, if you have any specific concerns about your manuscript (your concept or execution of that concept), feel free to include in the comments section.

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