“Eileen’s profes­sion­al insights were of enormous help as we moved into new terri­to­ry, publish­ing our first YA/Middle-grade book. And she was also a great pleasure to deal with.” (read full testi­mo­ni­al)

—From Josh Bartok, Wisdom Publications

Submit Your Young Adult Novel

Young adult novels seem to have morphed into every­thing from the super­nat­ur­al to the very real girl or boy next door. They embody indepen­dence, relation­ships and adven­tures, finding one-self and sometimes the writer finds himself walking a fine line between writing a young adult novel and an adult novel. So this is where you can see if your young adult novel works.

There are 3 kinds of services for your manuscript – a Full Critique, Just-a-Read, or The Concept.  Click on Critiques to find out more.

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Please submit your manuscript by email via the submis­sion form that will then direct you to payment. Once I receive every­thing I will send a confir­ma­tion by email. You will get a written critique and a phone call from me. We will sched­ule a brief phone call once the critique is received to discuss comments and any questions you have about market­ing or publish­ing. You can enter best times to be reached on the submis­sion form and we’ll come up with a time best for both of us. In addition, if you have any specif­ic concerns about your manuscript (your concept or execu­tion of that concept), feel free to include in the comments section.

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