Tameka Brown, PBs/Early Readers

Investing in the critique services of F1rst Pages is one of the best decisions I have made yet in my writing career.

That’s what I had to say last year about the value of my associ­a­tion with F1rst Pages and Eileen Robinson. The critiques I received from her put my career on a whole new trajec­to­ry! I am happy to say that the quali­ty of my writing has improved so much, that I was recent­ly offered repre­sen­ta­tion by Andrea Brown Literary Agency (which I ecsta­t­i­cal­ly accepted)!

This is an excit­ing advance­ment for me, and F1rst Pages is definite­ly on my short list of those to thank! Eileen, your critiques were detailed and insightful…and your expres­sion of enthu­si­asm about my writing kept me going through many a rejec­tion! I am so happy to be associ­at­ed with this stellar organization!

Thanks for your interest in F1rst Pages.
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