Sheri Dillard, Atlanta, GA

“As an aspir­ing picture book writer, I realized that I had a lot to learn about the world of children’s book publish­ing. But what I didn’t realize was just how much. Of course I knew that I needed a great story…with inter­est­ing characters…a plot that keeps moving…etc., but there is so much more involved.

My critique from F1rst Pages not only helped to make my story stronger, but it also guided me through the submis­sion process. In order to stand out in a very compet­i­tive market, it is crucial to look profes­sion­al. Eileen’s advice ranged from the very simple, but neces­sary, sugges­tion of choos­ing a differ­ent font…to more complex advice, such as knowing my audience and sugges­tions for making my story more age-appropriate.

Eileen’s critiques are tough, but honest, and she manages to inspire rather than discour­age. I really enjoyed my experi­ence with F1rst Pages, and I highly recom­mend her service.”

Thanks for your interest in F1rst Pages.
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