Natashia Saunders, Picture Book Author, CA

“When I first came to Eileen as a new writer, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought a profes­sion­al review would be helpful but I never expect­ed the total trans­for­ma­tion that result­ed — my story went from a cute story to a color­ful, expres­sive, visual­ly appeal­ing piece where I could hear, smell, see, and feel. I could now relate to my charac­ter as if every­thing were happen­ing before my eyes.

The best way to describe what happened to my piece is to explain that “the before” was like looking at a picture of an event; somewhere in the middle, it was like watch­ing a video and the final stages were like being a part of the action, in the front row, and pulling up a seat with the main charac­ter. Eileen’s advice, exper­tise, limit­less examples and direc­tion s helped me bring to life what I saw in my minds eye but hadn’t complete­ly expressed.

Even though I had to learn how not to be offend­ed by or afraid of the red, now, I welcome and look forward to her advice.”

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