LaVora Perry, Children’s Book Author

I sold my first novel to a publish­er that had global reach but had never published a youth novel. Previously, I’d been intro­duced to Eileen Robinson by children’s author Christine Taylor-Butler. From the start, Eileen impressed me. She is a warmheart­ed person who really knows her stuff and cares about the people she works with. I was thrilled when my publish­er took my recom­men­da­tion to contract her editing services.

By follow­ing Eileen’s critique sugges­tions, I devel­oped my story into one that was even was stronger, smarter, deeper, and more fun to read than it was when I origi­nal­ly sold it. She helped me make my main charac­ter more complex and authen­tic, devel­op my secondary charac­ters into real people, and tight­en my writing. Not only that, but Eileen sent my publish­er a detailed market analy­sis, explain­ing where my novel and its protag­o­nist fit into to the big picture of the children’s liter­a­ture business and their strengths in terms of maximiz­ing their poten­tial for success and longevity.

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