Karen Hamilton, Young Adult Author, WA

“As an author just begin­ning my quest for publi­ca­tion I have had the great fortune of discov­er­ing Eileen Robinson. From our initial contact it was obvious that I was dealing with a profes­sion­al, but just how good she is became crystal clear as I reviewed her comments regard­ing my novel.

With a few sugges­tions (and a few slash­es with her delete button), she helped me tight­en up my intro dramat­i­cal­ly, something I had strug­gled unsuc­cess­ful­ly with for months.

Eileen shares her amazing knowl­edge of children’s book publish­ing gracious­ly, never talking down to those of us who still have so much to learn. I am thrilled and excit­ed to have discov­ered Eileen’s service and especial­ly to actual­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have an on-going dialogue with someone so knowl­edge­able and kind!”

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