Judy Hyde, Author

“I have been very fortu­nate to have a two-fold relation­ship with Eileen Robinson. As my editor, Eileen oversaw the publi­ca­tion of my first three children’s books — one fiction early reader and two non-fiction early readers — from Children’s Press. Then came the excite­ment of being chosen by Eileen for a mentorship!

Over the course of sever­al months, through a series of well-craft­ed writing exercis­es, Eileen coached and encour­aged me through the devel­op­ment of my first middle grade novel. These exercis­es helped me to identi­fy my target audience, devel­op well-round­ed charac­ters with realis­tic dialogue and meaning­ful motiva­tion, and place those charac­ters in a believ­able setting.

Eileen showed me how to choose just the right words to draw my readers into the story, build conflict and resolve that conflict to a satis­fy­ing ending. My associ­a­tion with Eileen has been both a pleasure and a privilege.”

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