Hester Bass, Children’s Author and Workshop Speaker, www.hesterbass.com

“Eileen Robinson set my career in motion. We met at a confer­ence, where Eileen right­ly stressed that aspir­ing authors learn the business of publish­ing as well as the craft of writing. She displayed a keen abili­ty to spot what works in a manuscript and what will sell in the marketplace.

Eileen acquired my first children’s book, an early reader, and I deeply appre­ci­ate the start she gave me as a published author. Now I have an agent and we’ve just sold a picture book. Consider F1rst Pages for your project, and imagine the doors Eileen Robinson could open for you.”

Thanks for your interest in F1rst Pages.
Acceptance of new submissions is currently on hiatus while we attend to our backlog of existing submissions.

Please refer to Kid (& YA) Book Revisions until further notice.