Allison Morse

I wrote a middle grade fanta­sy novel about four years ago, which I tried to sell. It went nowhere. I stuck the manuscript in a drawer and began working on other projects. Six months ago, when I pulled out my dusty manuscript to try to revise it, I knew I needed a professional’s advice on how to make my work sing. I sent Eileen the first three chapters to critique. She did an amazing job! Her exper­tise was appar­ent from her precise and substan­tive sugges­tions. She clear­ly spent a consid­er­able amount of time and effort review­ing my work. As a result, the quali­ty of her sugges­tions was truly excel­lent. So much so I am now planning to send her my entire manuscript to review.

Thank you Eileen, you have made my opening pages pop.

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