Books, Awards, Industry and Writer’s Sites for the Children’s Book Writer

I’ve compiled a list of refer­ence books, sites, and links to articles for you to peruse at your leisure. As I come across things I think will be useful for you, I will add it to this page. Most of the writing books are inter­ac­tive because I believe the only way you can get better is through practice, and I only recom­mend books I’ve used in workshops. They range from helping you with charac­ter and plot to looking at the revision process to begin­ning with an idea. There are also good reads here that talk about children’s books and their history.

There are also links to publish­ing articles that give insight into some of the most common questions on topics like multi­ple submis­sions and finding the right agent. You will also find reputable sites where you can connect with other writers.

In addition, I have also includ­ed links for awards, magazines and indus­try websites.

And if you are just begin­ning The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books could be a great start. Or, if you are think­ing of trying your hand at writing for adults, there’s a link here to get you start­ed with that too!

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Writing Books to Help You with the Craft of Writing

(Amazon links are includ­ed here to provide you with more infor­ma­tion. However, any of the books listed can also be found and/or purchased at Barnes and Noble, Borders and other bookstores, and for some — Writer’s Digest Books.)

Writing Fiction Step by Stepby Josip Novakovich

The First Five Pages: A Writer’s Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile by Noah Lukeman

Revision: A Creative Approach to Writing and Rewriting Fiction by David Michael Kaplan

Building Better Plots by Robert Kernen

The Writer’s Idea Workshop: How to Make Your Good Ideas Great by Jack Heffron

Creating Character Emotions by Ann Hood

Idea Catcher: An Inspiring Journal for Writers from Story Press

Writing Dialogue by Tom Chiarella

The Observation Deck: A Tool Kit for Writers by Naomi Epel

Publishing Children’s Books

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books by Harold D. Underdown

Analyzing at Children’s Books

Choosing Books for Children – A Commonsense Guide by Betsy Hearne

From Cover to Cover: Evaluating and Reviewing Children’s Books by Kathleen T. Horning 

Additional Recommendations and Book Reviews

Children and Reading

Read Well, Think Well: Build Your Child’s Reading, Comprehension and Critical Thinking Skills by Hal W. Lanse, Ph.D.

Links to Relevant Articles

Loads of great articles and blog entries for publish­ing children’s books

Links to Trusted Articles about Self-Publishing –

Have a question about resub­mit­ting the same manuscript? Start here.

There’s Too Much on the Internet! How Do You Navigate It All? Start here

Multiple or Simultaneous Submissions? Start here.

Finding the Right Agent for Your Story – Start here.

What Happens on the Inside? Children’s Publishing

Websites for Writers

Purple Crayon

Write4Kids, Great for Beginners

VerlaKay , for Children’s Writers and Illustrators

Kid’s Book Revisions, Online Tutorial for Children’s Writers 

Marcela Landres — Looking to Transition from Children’s Publishing to Adult’s — Start Here

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Taxes for Writers

Hardge Connections, LLC – She can help you keep more of what you make!

Writer’s Magazine

Writer’s Digest

Keeping Up with the Industry

Publishers Weekly

Here you can subscribe to Publisher’s Lunch for a weekly dose of what’s happen­ing in Children’s Publishing

Booklist Online

Book Expo Association (BEA)

International Reading Association (IRA)

The Children’s Book Council

School Library Journal

Bologna Book Fair

Frankfurt Book Fair

Children’s Book Awards and Book Lists

Notable Children’s Books from the American Library Service to Children -

American Library Association

The John Newberry Medal

The Randolph Caldecott Medal

The Theodore Seuss Geisel Award 

Laura Ingalls Wilder Award

Best Fiction for Young Adults (Young Adult Library  Services Association)

Links to Other Kinds of Awards

American Library Association (ALA)

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