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—From Melanie Chrismer, Nonfiction Author — published works at melaniechrismer.com

Nonfiction for Children

Nonfiction is based on facts and requires a lot of research. Proofreaders, fact check­ers and experts on the partic­u­lar subject matter are all a part of the process, and photos are equal­ly as impor­tant to support­ing the facts, as well as provid­ing histor­i­cal documentation.

Writing nonfic­tion for young children can be partic­u­lar­ly challeng­ing. You have very few words with which to explain the subject matter and you have to do so as accurate­ly as possi­ble. One word could change the meaning of an entire sentence and and cause inaccuracy.

And there is also the challenge of being able to present possi­bly boring subjects in an inter­est­ing manner. How would you talk about atoms or how to use a balance, or gravi­ty, or describe how sound travels to a young child? How about math concepts like estima­tion? Or geogra­phy and biogra­phies? Can you describe someone’s life in 500 words or less? If your talent les in  writing for the upper grades, you’ll have more room to play with but it’s still your  tone, accura­cy, and abili­ty to meet deadlines and follow guide­lines that will impress an editor.

Whether you are writing for the school and library market or for trade, accura­cy and impec­ca­ble research skills are a must, as well as taking into account prior knowl­edge. In the world of nonfic­tion, if you are found to be a reliable writer, it is satis­fy­ing work that could sustain your writing career.

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