“As a newcom­er to the writing world, I have a great deal to learn about the business of publish­ing. After reading various ‘How to get published’ articles and books it seems almost impos­si­ble to break in.” (read full testi­mo­ni­al)

—From Sue Pinto, Aspiring Picture Book and Young Reader Author — New York


Does my story come togeth­er? Does the plot work? Are my charac­ters intrigu­ing? Do the charac­ters and setting contribute to the plot effec­tive­ly? Will this story hold the inter­est of my target audience?

Perhaps you feel stuck and can’t figure out why a partic­u­lar story has received numer­ous rejec­tions. You’ve exhaust­ed writing books and confer­ences. And your critique partners, or other people whose opinions you revere, can no longer offer advice that can move your story forward. Or maybe you want profes­sion­al advice sooner rather than later.

“Just-a-Read” is just that, with answers to the questions above and how to move forward. This critique includes a discus­sion by phone rather than a written critique. It does not include line editing, a market­ing critique, or exten­sive fixes as you would find with the regular submis­sions. This is to help you get unstuck.

The fee is less than a normal critique. Please email eileen.robinson@f1rstpages.com with a descrip­tion of your work, your concerns, and page count.

Look forward to reading your work!

Thanks for your interest in F1rst Pages.
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