Testimonial from Julie Mettenburg

Julie Mettenburg, Author “Working with Eileen took my writing to the next level, even after years as a profes­sion­al freelancer for children and adults. By giving a skill­ful­ly select­ed range of fiction assign­ments, she was able to coax my true voice to the surface. Then, she gave me feedback that helped me see that voice and nurture it. Our work togeth­er has improved both my fiction and nonfic­tion, by helping me under­stand who I am as a writer and where my strengths lie. Her coach­ing is master­ful – tough, but always respect­ful, loving and encouraging.”

Testimonial from Melanie Chrismer

Melanie Chrismer, Nonfiction Author – published works at www.melaniechrismer.com “Eileen Robinson makes you work and there­fore let’s your work make itself better. She sees what you are capable of and encour­ages your creativ­i­ty. She is an editor who has the goal in sight but doesn’t forget the writer who is working with her toward that goal. In my case, Eileen took my joy of math and allowed this differ­en­tial equation gal to make math a kick to begin­ning readers, too. That is the best ‘advance’ ever.”

Testimonial from Allison Morse

Allison Morse I wrote a middle grade fanta­sy novel about four years ago, which I tried to sell. It went nowhere. I stuck the manuscript in a drawer and began working on other projects. Six months ago, when I pulled out my dusty manuscript to try to revise it, I knew I needed a professional’s advice on how to make my work sing. I sent Eileen the first three chapters to critique. She did an amazing job! Her exper­tise was appar­ent from her precise and substan­tive sugges­tions. She clear­ly spent a consid­er­able amount of time and effort review­ing my work. As a result, the quali­ty of her sugges­tions was truly excel­lent. So much so I am now planning to send her my entire manuscript to review. Thank you Eileen, you have made my opening pages pop.

Testimonial from Sue Pinto

Sue Pinto, Aspiring Picture Book and Young Reader Author, New York “As a newcom­er to the writing world, I have a great deal to learn about the business of publish­ing. After reading various ‘How to get published’ articles and books it seems almost impos­si­ble to break in without having an agent or already being published. But I realized that learn­ing all the ins and outs of the business wouldn’t get me anywhere without a great manuscript. Having a few written, I decid­ed to contact Eileen for her profes­sion­al services. I got insight and direc­tion on how to bring the best out of my stories and ideas. I appre­ci­ate that her critiques were honest and “to the point” without being dimin­ish­ing or disre­spect­ful. She was very approach­able and truly inter­est­ed in helping me find my way. I look forward to future conver­sa­tions with her and am very appre­cia­tive of her kind and helpful manner. If I ever get published, and I will try, she will be at the top of the list to thank. Thanks again, Eileen.”

Testimonial from Jessica DeHart

Jessica DeHart, PB Author, Alabama “I have plugged away for a decade trying to improve my writing so I could be a published author of children’s books. I went to all the confer­ences. I worked in critique groups. I took infor­ma­tive class­es. And along the way I submit­ted my manuscripts (268 rejec­tions). But I would­n’t give up. This was a real dream for me. I learned I was working hard, but I needed to work smarter. I needed higher ground. I needed someone who had insight into what the publish­ing compa­nies and liter­ary agents were looking for. I needed someone who could give my writing that edge. That is where Eileen Robinson came in. I collab­o­rat­ed with Eileen on a picture book. She had incred­i­ble insight on the work. I mulled over her comments for sever­al weeks. Made changes. Submitted my book to only a few places and was delight­ed that within a week I received an email from an NYC liter­ary agent who wanted “exclu­siv­i­ty” on the submis­sion until she decid­ed whether to agent the work or not. YES! That was the break I needed. And now I am contin­u­ing my writing experi­ence by taking the Mid-Winter Revision Online Boot Camp. Eileen Robinson gave me that edge my writing needed. My writing is now at a new level. Mission (almost) accom­plished! Thanks Eileen.”

Testimonial from Lavora Perry

LaVora Perry, Children’s Book Author I sold my first novel to a publish­er that had global reach but had never published a youth novel. Previously, I’d been intro­duced to Eileen Robinson by children’s author Christine Taylor-Butler. From the start, Eileen impressed me. She is a warmheart­ed person who really knows her stuff and cares about the people she works with. I was thrilled when my publish­er took my recom­men­da­tion to contract her editing services. By follow­ing Eileen’s critique sugges­tions, I devel­oped my story into one that was even was stronger, smarter, deeper, and more fun to read than it was when I origi­nal­ly sold it. She helped me make my main charac­ter more complex and authen­tic, devel­op my secondary charac­ters into real people, and tight­en my writing. Not only that, but Eileen sent my publish­er a detailed market analy­sis, explain­ing where my novel and its protag­o­nist fit into to the big picture of the children’s liter­a­ture business and their strengths in terms of maximiz­ing their poten­tial for success and longevity.

Testimonial from Karin Lindstrom

Karin Lindstrom, Nonfiction and Picture Book Author “I made an instant connec­tion with Eileen. A paid critique at a confer­ence eventu­al­ly led to a book assign­ment geared toward my inter­ests. It was a thrill to work with Eileen on this science early reader from Children’s Press. I was also delight­ed when Eileen chose to mentor me. Eileen led me through some of the most innov­a­tive, thought-provok­ing, creative writing tasks I’ve ever experi­enced. They allowed my writing to stretch into unchar­tered waters. I’ll never be able to thank Eileen enough for the integral role she’s played in my life as a writer.” 

Testimonial From Mary Schulte

Mary Schulte, Newspaper Photo Editor and Book Reviewer, Kansas City Star, and Children’s Book Author “Eileen Robinson knows how to bring out the best in a writer, and how to get rid of the worst — through her superb editing skills. My first published book was devel­oped from a 15-minute writing exercise at one of her workshops. My series of six books on animal classi­fi­ca­tion for Children’s Press came to life because she took a chance on me, an inexpe­ri­enced but enthu­si­as­tic writer. She took my words and made them work. When I was select­ed for a mentor­ship with Eileen, I wasn’t sure what to expect. A critique or two, a pat on the back, and a bit of encour­age­ment seemed reason­able. Instead, I was pushed and prodded, coaxed and coached into writing the begin­ning, ending, and most of the middle of my first novel. It was thrilling to watch my charac­ter and story line devel­op through her exercis­es and feedback. I would recom­mend Eileen as an editor, mentor, teacher, critic or coach because whatev­er her role, she will go above and beyond what’s expect­ed. And in the process, she will help the writer stretch above and beyond his or her own expec­ta­tions to reach new heights. Because of Eileen’s exper­tise and encour­age­ment, I have published nine books. And when book number 10 is finished, I know where I will send it for editing. Eileen is tough, but thorough, and I am a better writer because of her guidance.”

Testimonial from Kelly Starling Lyons

Kelly Starling Lyons, Author of One Million Men and Me and NEATE: Eddie’s Ordeal “I’m always trying to grow as a writer. Last year, I dared to try a new style — writing a rhyming picture book. Eileen Robinson came highly recom­mend­ed as someone who could give me a good critique. She deliv­ered that and more. Eileen sent me her feedback and followed up with a phone call. She offered insight about the indus­try and sugges­tions for making my story more distinct. She spent time getting to know me and listen­ing to my writing dreams. Eileen is a caring editor and a writer’s friend.”

Testimonial from Emily O’Connor

Emily O’Connor, Aspiring Children’s Book Author-South Dakota I submit­ted my first manuscript to Eileen Robinson. I am a new writer overwhelmed by the process required to be published. The critique was the most benef­i­cal step I could have ever taken at this point in my publish­ing journey. Eileen was very thorough, nutur­ing, and positive. Although my manuscript was not as devel­oped as I had thought, I was never made to feel I had failed. Instead, her critique of my work left me feeling deter­mined and motivat­ed to devel­op my writing skills. I am seeing my story from a complete­ly differ­ent angle and it is excit­ing. I appre­ci­ate the time Eileen spent explain­ing her sugges­tions and re-routing my journey. Without her, I would have submit­ted an incom­plete manuscript and faced many unnec­es­sary rejec­tions. For now, submit­ting to a publish­ing compa­ny must wait, but I am confi­dent I will reach that point someday. I feel very fortu­nate to have been helped by Eileen Robinson, and I will look to her for more advice and direc­tion in the future.

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