Testimonial from Amy N. Thomas

Amy N. Thomas, Picture Book Author “I just received a revision request for the first story I sent to F1rstPages. I’m thrilled and wanted F1rst Pages to know that your feedback really works! Working with F1rst Pages is an inten­sive learn­ing experi­ence. Through this service, which is endorsed by HarperCollins and run by long-time editors with experi­ence across genres, I received comments on a cover letter and the first two pages of a manuscript. This exchange allowed me to see from an edito­r­i­al stand­point whether my writing was age-target­ed and ready for submis­sion. The comments on the cover letter will help my profes­sion­al approach; the manuscript comments point­ed out some blind spots yet also encour­aged me to shore up and better use my strengths. All costs are clear­ly spelled out on the easy-to-navigate web site. Serious writers will appre­ci­ate the genuine assis­tance from the pros at F1rst Pages.”

Testimonial from Bonnie Crow

Bonnie Crow, Texas “Eileen is definite­ly well worth the wait. Her critique was right on target. And, I will surely be sending anoth­er manuscript in the future.”

Testimonial from Lea Clifton

Lea Clifton, Picture Book Author, AZ “Eileen Robinson is an insight­ful, gifted editor. I am new to children’s writing, and I believe her critiques have given me a leap forward in devel­op­ing my craft. Her in-depth analy­ses zero in on my “big-picture” manuscript problems, and she never misses a beat in her line-by-line editing. Eileen’s critiques have helped me make substan­tial revisions, allow­ing me to produce manuscripts that no longer belong in my drawer!”

Testimonial from Natashia Saunders

Natashia Saunders, Picture Book Author, CA “When I first came to Eileen as a new writer, I didn’t know what to expect. I thought a profes­sion­al review would be helpful but I never expect­ed the total trans­for­ma­tion that result­ed — my story went from a cute story to a color­ful, expres­sive, visual­ly appeal­ing piece where I could hear, smell, see, and feel. I could now relate to my charac­ter as if every­thing were happen­ing before my eyes. The best way to describe what happened to my piece is to explain that “the before” was like looking at a picture of an event; somewhere in the middle, it was like watch­ing a video and the final stages were like being a part of the action, in the front row, and pulling up a seat with the main charac­ter. Eileen’s advice, exper­tise, limit­less examples and direc­tion s helped me bring to life what I saw in my minds eye but hadn’t complete­ly expressed. Even though I had to learn how not to be offend­ed by or afraid of the red, now, I welcome and look forward to her advice.”

Testimonial from Tameka Brown

Tameka Brown, Early Readers “Investing in the critique services of F1rst Pages is one of the best decisions I have made yet in my writing career. I received very detailed analy­ses of multi­ple cover letters and manuscripts – each contain­ing insight­ful comments that not only served to improve the works reviewed, but my writing skills overall. F1rst Pages respect­ed my individ­u­al­i­ty as a writer, and did not try to force me “inside the box.” I strong­ly recom­mend F1rst Pages to anyone serious about improv­ing their writing skills. I’ll definite­ly be back!”

Testimonial from Sharon Pavon

Sharon Pavon, Picture Book Author, CT “If I could choose a dream editor they would have all the quali­ties of Eileen Robinson. Her enthu­si­asm is conta­gious. She demands excel­lence and makes you believe that you can achieve it. The insight­ful­ness and atten­tion to detail she gives to her critiques far outweigh the cost and I have found them to be invaluable.”

Testimonial from Karen Hamilton

Karen Hamilton, Young Adult Author, WA “As an author just begin­ning my quest for publi­ca­tion I have had the great fortune of discov­er­ing Eileen Robinson. From our initial contact it was obvious that I was dealing with a profes­sion­al, but just how good she is became crystal clear as I reviewed her comments regard­ing my novel. With a few sugges­tions (and a few slash­es with her delete button), she helped me tight­en up my intro dramat­i­cal­ly, something I had strug­gled unsuc­cess­ful­ly with for months. Eileen shares her amazing knowl­edge of children’s book publish­ing gracious­ly, never talking down to those of us who still have so much to learn. I am thrilled and excit­ed to have discov­ered Eileen’s service and especial­ly to actual­ly have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to have an on-going dialogue with someone so knowl­edge­able and kind!”

Testimonial from Christine Taylor-Butler

Christine Taylor-Butler, author and President of Missouri Writers Guild — published works at www.christinetaylorbutler.com “Eileen Robinson is one of the most nurtur­ing editors I’ve worked with. Her knowl­edge of the indus­try is top notch and her sugges­tions were a tremen­dous help early in my career. She has person­al­ly mentored scores of new authors who have gone on to publish. Eileen appeared as a guest lectur­er at sever­al local workshops and, more recent­ly, was a surprise guest at the annual state writing confer­ence. She was an instant hit with our authors. I highly recom­mend her service. She’s one of the best!”

Testimonial from Lisa McCormick

Lisa McCormick, Newspaper Journalist and Children’s Book Author “Eileen Robinson is simply the best editor any children’s author could have the good fortune to meet and work with on a project. She’s a phenom­e­nal editor who has an uncan­ny abili­ty to bring out the best in every writer. Her knowl­edge of writing for children– in a way that inspires their imagi­na­tions — is incred­i­ble. I thought my 20 years as a journal­ist taught me how to write a tight, engag­ing story. Working with Eileen on five biogra­phies opened my eyes — and mind — to a whole new world of writing. It’s a more creative world where you can take children on an excit­ing, fact-filled adven­ture – in less than 400 words. Eileen’s enthu­si­asm for the craft of writing for children is inspir­ing. Her energy is conta­gious. And her kindness and compas­sion for her writers is unprece­dent­ed in this indus­try. Any children’s writer who wants to improve his or her craft should run — not walk — if they have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work with Eileen Robinson.”

Testimonial from Judy Hyde

Judy Hyde, Author “I have been very fortu­nate to have a two-fold relation­ship with Eileen Robinson. As my editor, Eileen oversaw the publi­ca­tion of my first three children’s books — one fiction early reader and two non-fiction early readers — from Children’s Press. Then came the excite­ment of being chosen by Eileen for a mentor­ship! Over the course of sever­al months, through a series of well-craft­ed writing exercis­es, Eileen coached and encour­aged me through the devel­op­ment of my first middle grade novel. These exercis­es helped me to identi­fy my target audience, devel­op well-round­ed charac­ters with realis­tic dialogue and meaning­ful motiva­tion, and place those charac­ters in a believ­able setting. Eileen showed me how to choose just the right words to draw my readers into the story, build conflict and resolve that conflict to a satis­fy­ing ending. My associ­a­tion with Eileen has been both a pleasure and a privilege.”

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