Testimonial from Shellie Neumeier

Shellie Neumeier “As a fun summer project, my two elemen­­tary-aged children and I wrote a mid-grade chapter book filled with adven­ture and child­like creatures. I promised them both, one way or the other, we’d publish that story, but try as I might it wasn’t finding a publish­er or agent. The tale needed something, but I didn’t know what. Using the SCBWI recom­mend­ed list of editors, I found Eileen and sent her our manuscript. Her thorough and metic­u­lous perusal found sever­al areas that needed tweak­ing. When those revisions were made, the manuscript found a home and will be published February 2012. Thank you Eileen for helping our publi­ca­tion dream come true (and from saving this mom’s promise to her children).”

Testimonial from Crystal Allen

Crystal Allen In the early manuscript stages of How Lamar’s Bad Prank Won A Bubba-Sized Trophy, I attend­ed a workshop hosted by Eileen Robinson of F1rst Pages. During that workshop, Eileen empha­sized the crucial elements needed in our first paragraphs and first pages to draw inter­est from agents and editors. Through her editing, critiquing and teach­ings, I went on to devel­op an awesome opening for my debut novel that gained high praise from Publisher’s Weekly and Children’s Literature Review.

Testimonial from Aida Castro-Henix

Aida Castro-Henix, Picture Book Author, NY “I began writing about ten years ago, think­ing that my great stories would get published in no time at all and soon, I’d be enjoy­ing a career as a published author. Well…after submit­ting sever­al stories to differ­ent publish­ers and getting reject­ed over and over, I decid­ed about four years ago to stop submit­ting stories and start concen­trat­ing on my writing skills. Obviously, something was missing. I just didn’t know what. I knew that it was time to get the advice of a profes­sion­al to see exact­ly what I was doing wrong. That’s when I found Eileen’s website, took a chance and sent her a picture book story. When I got her critique, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. It was full of so many red marks that I felt like I was back in school and I failed a test! But, as I read her comments and after we spoke, I decid­ed to use every­thing she gave me to rewrite the story. And, I have to say for the first time, I felt like I final­ly “got it”. That feeling of something missing was no longer there. I sent Eileen the improved version of the story and received a second critique that is helping me to tight­en it up and get it ready for submis­sion. I feel like I have grown more as a writer from the two critiques that Eileen has done, than in the entire ten years that I have been writing! Eileen’s advice and guidance has been invalu­able and I would not have the confi­dence or desire to contin­ue pursu­ing my goal to become a published author if it were not for her. Eileen will always have a special place in my heart. She is an angel to me and I feel honored to have had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to work with her.” Yes, I mean every word! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love always!

Testimonial from Michael Sussman

Michael Sussman, Picture Book Author I am extreme­ly impressed with the serious­ness and thorough­ness with which Eileen approach­es her critiques. Feeling stuck after sever­al drafts of a piece, I was able to use Eileen’s feedback to radical­ly rework the mater­i­al into a much better story. Eileen’s enthu­si­asm is uplift­ing, and I found her delight­ful to work with.

Testimonial from Josh Bartok

Josh Bartok, Wisdom Publications “Eileen’s profes­sion­al insights were of enormous help as we moved into new terri­to­ry, publish­ing our first YA/Middle-grade book. And she was also a great pleasure to deal with.”

Testimonial from Jo Tanenbaum

Jo Tanenbaum, aspir­ing picture book author I knew my mss needed a trip to the ER. And it came to life under Eileen’s caring and criti­cal direc­tion. My dream is to find a publish­er. If I do, the credit goes to Eileen Robinson. I must say that I have had a first-rate writing course with an energetic, optimistic and truly gifted teacher. It’s been a wonder­ful experi­ence with a real professional

Testimonial from Tameka Brown

Tameka Brown, PBs/Early Readers Investing in the critique services of F1rst Pages is one of the best decisions I have made yet in my writing career. That’s what I had to say last year about the value of my associ­a­tion with F1rst Pages and Eileen Robinson. The critiques I received from her put my career on a whole new trajec­to­ry! I am happy to say that the quali­ty of my writing has improved so much, that I was recent­ly offered repre­sen­ta­tion by Andrea Brown Literary Agency (which I ecsta­t­i­cal­ly accept­ed)! This is an excit­ing advance­ment for me, and F1rst Pages is definite­ly on my short list of those to thank! Eileen, your critiques were detailed and insightful…and your expres­sion of enthu­si­asm about my writing kept me going through many a rejec­tion! I am so happy to be associ­at­ed with this stellar organization!

Testimonial from Sheri Dillard

Sheri Dillard, Atlanta, GA “As an aspir­ing picture book writer, I realized that I had a lot to learn about the world of children’s book publish­ing. But what I didn’t realize was just how much. Of course I knew that I needed a great story…with inter­est­ing characters…a plot that keeps moving…etc., but there is so much more involved. My critique from F1rst Pages not only helped to make my story stronger, but it also guided me through the submis­sion process. In order to stand out in a very compet­i­tive market, it is crucial to look profes­sion­al. Eileen’s advice ranged from the very simple, but neces­sary, sugges­tion of choos­ing a differ­ent font…to more complex advice, such as knowing my audience and sugges­tions for making my story more age-appro­pri­ate. Eileen’s critiques are tough, but honest, and she manages to inspire rather than discour­age. I really enjoyed my experi­ence with F1rst Pages, and I highly recom­mend her service.”

Testimonial from Melissa Leonard

Melissa Leonard, Picture Book Author, NY “WOW! We heard about Eileen’s amazing reputa­tion while working on what will be the first of a series of children’s books. Her abili­ty to take words and bring them to life is truly a gift. Because of Eileen’s diligent & insight­ful editing, we now have two world-renowned agencies inter­est­ed in our project. I would recom­mend that anyone looking to publish a book work with Eileen…she not only knows the in’s and out’s of this indus­try, but she is extreme­ly person­able, friend­ly and wonder­ful to work with. She not only edits, but she goes WAY beyond and helps writers breathe life into their story. Without a doubt, I am truly honored to have had a chance to work with Eileen and can’t thank her enough for her time and assistance.”

Testimonial from Hester Bass

Hester Bass, Children’s Author and Workshop Speaker, www.hesterbass.com “Eileen Robinson set my career in motion. We met at a confer­ence, where Eileen right­ly stressed that aspir­ing authors learn the business of publish­ing as well as the craft of writing. She displayed a keen abili­ty to spot what works in a manuscript and what will sell in the market­place. Eileen acquired my first children’s book, an early reader, and I deeply appre­ci­ate the start she gave me as a published author. Now I have an agent and we’ve just sold a picture book. Consider F1rst Pages for your project, and imagine the doors Eileen Robinson could open for you.”

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