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Writing for Children

A 9-week Boot Camp Class

If you want to:

  • learn a little bit about the publishing world
  • dabble in various formats and genres
  • talk to and learn from other writers
  • and practice writing a good first page

then, the course Writing for Children may be a great beginning for you. I just began teaching this course through Ed2Go ( last year, and welcome beginners, people who are struggling with their first pages, and people who just want to learn more about children's books.

This course has helped students find and validate their process as writers and discover new formats and genres. It has also helped them discover whether picture books, chapter books, middle grade novels or young adult novels are right for them or whether the voice of their characters belong elsewhere. And, in some cases, it has helped students decide if children's publishing is right for them.

The course is $99 through Ed2Go and you can find more information about registration at the following link –

Ed2Go Course Writing for Children
Hope to see you there!


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