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From Sheri Dillard"…Eileen's critiques are tough, but honest, and she manages to inspire rather than discourage. I really enjoyed my experience with F1rst Pages, and I highly recommend her service." Read Testimonial

Your Concept

So you’ve come up with an idea or ideas and you’ve fleshed them out but you are still not sure if the idea is worth pursuing. Now you can submit a synopsis and we can discuss your idea in regards to the plot or story line and the market.

Get Started

Please submit your synopsis by email via the submission form that will then direct you to payment. Once I receive everything I will send a confirmation by email.

You can choose either a written critique or a phone call whichever best fits your schedule. If you choose the call, you can enter best times to be reached on the submission form and we’ll come up with a time best for both of us. In addition, if you have any specific concerns about your manuscript (your concept or execution of that concept), feel free to include in the comments section.

I look forward to receiving your synopsis.

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