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dumpsterdiver Hoot

Lisa McCormick, Newspaper Journalist and Children's Book Author

"Eileen Robinson is simply the best editor any children's author could have the good fortune to meet and work with on a project.

She's a phenomenal editor who has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in every writer. Her knowledge of writing for children– in a way that inspires their imaginations – is incredible.

I thought my 20 years as a journalist taught me how to write a tight, engaging story. Working with Eileen on five biographies opened my eyes – and mind – to a whole new world of writing. It's a more creative world where you can take children on an exciting, fact-filled adventure–in less than 400 words.

Eileen's enthusiasm for the craft of writing for children is inspiring. Her energy is contagious. And her kindness and compassion for her writers is unprecedented in this industry.

Any children's writer who wants to improve his or her craft should run – not walk – if they have the opportunity to work with Eileen Robinson."

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