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dumpsterdiver Hoot

LaVora Perry, Children's Book Author

I sold my first novel to a publisher that had global reach but had never published a youth novel. Previously, I'd been introduced to Eileen Robinson by children's author Christine Taylor-Butler. From the start, Eileen impressed me. She is a warmhearted person who really knows her stuff and cares about the people she works with. I was thrilled when my publisher took my recommendation to contract her editing services.

By following Eileen's critique suggestions, I developed my story into one that was even was stronger, smarter, deeper, and more fun to read than it was when I originally sold it. She helped me make my main character more complex and authentic, develop my secondary characters into real people, and tighten my writing. Not only that, but Eileen sent my publisher a detailed market analysis, explaining where my novel and its protagonist fit into to the big picture of the children's literature business and their strengths in terms of maximizing their potential for success and longevity.

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