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Jessica DeHart, PB Author, Alabama

"I have plugged away for a decade trying to improve my writing so I could be a published author of children's books. I went to all the conferences. I worked in critique groups. I took informative classes. And along the way I submitted my manuscripts (268 rejections). But I wouldn't give up. This was a real dream for me. I learned I was working hard, but I needed to work smarter. I needed higher ground. I needed someone who had insight into what the publishing companies and literary agents were looking for. I needed someone who could give my writing that edge. That is where Eileen Robinson came in.

I collaborated with Eileen on a picture book. She had incredible insight on the work. I mulled over her comments for several weeks. Made changes. Submitted my book to only a few places and was delighted that within a week I received an email from an NYC literary agent who wanted "exclusivity" on the submission until she decided whether to agent the work or not. YES! That was the break I needed. And now I am continuing my writing experience by taking the Mid-Winter Revision Online Boot Camp.

Eileen Robinson gave me that edge my writing needed. My writing is now at a new level. Mission (almost) accomplished! Thanks Eileen."

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