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dumpsterdiver Hoot

Emily O'Connor, Aspiring Children's Book Author-South Dakota

I submitted my first manuscript to Eileen Robinson. I am a new writer overwhelmed by the process required to be published. The critique was the most benefical step I could have ever taken at this point in my publishing journey. Eileen was very thorough, nuturing, and positive. Although my manuscript was not as developed as I had thought, I was never made to feel I had failed. Instead, her critique of my work left me feeling determined and motivated to develop my writing skills. I am seeing my story from a completely different angle and it is exciting. I appreciate the time Eileen spent explaining her suggestions and re-routing my journey. Without her, I would have submitted an incomplete manuscript and faced many unnecessary rejections. For now, submitting to a publishing company must wait, but I am confident I will reach that point someday. I feel very fortunate to have been helped by Eileen Robinson, and I will look to her for more advice and direction in the future.

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