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dumpsterdiver Hoot

Amy N. Thomas, Picture Book Author

"I just received a revision request for the first story I sent to F1rstPages. I'm thrilled and wanted F1rst Pages to know that your feedback really works!

Working with F1rst Pages is an intensive learning experience. Through this service, which is endorsed by HarperCollins and run by long-time editors with experience across genres, I received comments on a cover letter and the first two pages of a manuscript. This exchange allowed me to see from an editorial standpoint whether my writing was age-targeted and ready for submission.

The comments on the cover letter will help my professional approach; the manuscript comments pointed out some blind spots yet also encouraged me to shore up and better use my strengths. All costs are clearly spelled out on the easy-to-navigate web site. Serious writers will appreciate the genuine assistance from the pros at F1rst Pages."

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