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dumpsterdiver Hoot

From Allison Morse I wrote a middle grade fantasy novel about four years ago, which I tried to sell. It went nowhere. I stuck the manuscript in a drawer and began working on other projects. Six months ago, when I pulled out my dusty manuscript to try to revise it Read Testimonial

Submit Your Middle Grade Novel

Middle grade novels are all the rage. And although they have their own particular tone and voice, it is the one category where there is such a wide range in reading level, length and sophistication.

So this is where you can see if your middle grade novel works.

There are 3 kinds of services for your manuscript – a Full Critique, Just-a-Read, or The Concept.  Click on Critiques to find out more.

Get Started

Please submit your middle grade novel by email via the submission form that will then direct you to payment. Once I receive everything I will send a confirmation by email.

You will get a written critique and a phone call from me. We will schedule a brief phone call once the critique is received to discuss comments and any questions you have about marketing or publishing. You can enter best times to be reached on the submission form and we’ll come up with a time best for both of us. In addition, if you have any specific concerns about your manuscript (your concept or execution of that concept), feel free to include in the comments section.

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