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A Little Something About Me

I love helping writers and feel good when remembering I’ve gotten many first-time authors through the door – doors like Scholastic and Harcourt, or even now, when people return to F1rst Pages to share their success with me, I’m reminded that this is what I should be doing.

Publishing both fiction and nonfiction, over the years as an Executive Editor at Scholastic, as well as Harcourt, I got my start in educational publishing in classroom and school and library and moved on to work with magazines, book clubs, book fairs and Scholastic trade, helping to create product that could work across markets. Now an editorial consultant, I work with both published and unpublished authors and help them strengthen their writing – picture books, chapter books (fiction and nonfiction), middle grade novels, and young adult novels – and get published. I still give my time to publishers, consulting on manuscripts before they go to press.

I look at your work from a marketing perspective and show you how to do the same so you can become aware of, and learn the part of the business that isn’t writing and have a better chance of getting published.

I created the site to help authors like you and have partnered with Harold Underdown, author of the Idiot’s Guide to Publishing Children’s Books and owner of the Purple Crayon web site, to provide online tutorials at Kids Book Revisions (, where you can get the benefit of two professional editors simultaneously. Just like life, publishing is a process, not only in the mechanical sense but there is an emotional component for you, the writer, that shares his/her work with a perfect stranger. And you have to put that part of you aside for a moment in order to hear what your editor is saying or trying to show you to help improve your work. We work together.

There are plenty of comments all over the site and a place where you can read additional testimonials.

I am glad to have the opportunity to work with you. Welcome!

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